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Callus Control Pedicure $30

We are being flooded with requests for our Callus Control Pedicure.  Depending on severity of callus build up you may need several pedicure treatments and now we are offering a complimentary Buffing Pad with home care instructions.

Callus Smoothing $20

A Scrub, Massage and Warm Towels 30 minutes $30

Warm foot soak, sea salt and oil scrub to the knee, foot and calf massage, warm towel wrap.

We believe that nail services should last more than just a few days.  

We have discovered that on rare occassions, the nail beds of some clients have excess oil that results in an inadequate connection of the polish with the nail.  As a result, this situation results in chronic chipping, usually after the first few days.  We recognize that in this case, the 2Q Gel Manicure, nail polish cannot be represented as doing what we say it will, and so we recommend a manicure with OPI polish. 


This service includes nail shaping, cuticle clean-up, gel color application or French finish, and a hydrating lotion with brief hand massage.  Allow 60+ minutes.
Color Application ............... $35  |  French Finish .........................$40




Does wearing Gel Polish damage my nails?
After 2 months of testing at our salon, we have seen NO DAMAGE occur to our client’s nails.
Can I remove my Gel Manicure Polish at home?
Gel Manicure Polish should be removed by a nail professional.
Removal without any other service takes 30 minutes and costs $10.
Peeling the polish from the nail WILL cause damage.

Thank you to our clients who have watched us grow.
We appreciate your support.
You are the heart of our business!